• "Charming character design and great use of colour!"
  • Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios

  • "Your game story is touches!"
  • Alexey Samokhin

  • "Art style is very appealing...I love hand-drawn stuff."
  • Karla Munger, Justadventure.com
  • "Love the look of the game!"
  • Jack Allin, Adventuregamers.com

  • "Very impressive artwork!"
  • Konstantinos Dimopoulos, Gnome’s Lair
  • "This is the kind of game I always wanted to play, but nobody wants to make it... so I guess the only way is to make it myself. ;)"
  • Dux, The Legend of Snowblind


"Each donation will be mentioned as supporter in end credits of finished game. You will also receive free first version of the game for PC from 2005. Thank you for your support!"